Since its launch, BetterHash has come a long way. We are a growing community and, along with this growth, more needs are surfacing. Here is what we're currently working on:

Updates Pending

  • Profit switching option
  • New miners
  • More security improvements
  • Security improvement - DONE
  • Consolidating ZEC funds into one account - DONE
  • Consolidating all funds to BTC - DONE
  • GPU CryptoNight miner - DONE
  • 2-Factor Authentication - DONE
  • Separate algorithms for each GPU card - DONE

Known Issues

  • Nvidia cards are favored vs AMD ones - SOLVED
  • Workers don't appear immediately in the online dashboard. (It depends on when the first share is received from the pool) - SOLVED

Thanks for being with us in this wonderful journey. If you want to support BetterHash, you can donate BTC here: