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GRIN Hard Fork Miner Update


We have updated our GRIN miner in expectation of the 17th of July hard fork that will occur for the Cuckarood29 mining algorithm. Grin 29 will fork at 786240 block height.

The new miner will support the Cuckarood29 hardfork as well as the replacement of the now obsolete Cuckatoo31 with the new Cuckatoo32 algorithm.

The new version of BetterHash will be sent to you as an automatic update. If you read this post before the update arrives to you, you can download the latest BetterHash version here.

After updating, we advise you to go to Settings / General and click on "re-download all miners".

To check if you have the updated miner, see if you have BetterHash version 3.147 with miners pack version 9.

Keep in mind that if you withdraw GRIN to your GRIN wallet, it should be updated to v4.0.0. If you exchange your funds to BTC you don't have to change anything.