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Important Update - The RVN (Raven Coin) hardfork is will take place today


For all of you mining RVN (Raven Coin) with BetterHash - don't forget to go to Settings / General and click on "Re-download all miners". Check that you are running BetterHash version 3.126 or higher. This will make sure you are compatible with the hard fork!

The key feature of the fork is the new X16Rv2 algorithm. The developers plan to use it for banning ASICs from the network, so block mining and the network operation will be ensured by GPU owners. They have less computing power and as a result less influence on the network. Risks will be lower, the number of users will be higher – this is what decentralization looks like.

There is a huge benefit for GPU owners. After the fork when ASICs are out of the network their share will be divided among GPU miners. So thanks to the fork GPU owners will start earning more. However once users of mining profitability calculators find out about it, they will start mining RVN as well. As a result after a while, profits will get back to normal, but still, there will be enough time to make a quick buck.

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