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Miners Update


Most of the miners have been updated in the course of the past week. This update will most likely increase your profitability, no matter what coins you are mining.

The updated miners are for the following coins:

- ETC (Ethereum Classic)

- ETH (Ethereum)

- GRIN (both cuckarood 29 and cuckatoo 31)

- RVN (Raven Coin)

- XMR (Monero for CPU, NVidia and AMD)

- ZEC (ZCash)

We strongly advise everyone to go to Settings / General and click on "Re-download all miners".

re-download all miners image

About the Author

Daniel Statescu is the CEO of Innovative Solutions, the company that created BetterHash. Cryptocurrency enthusiast and code geek, he came up with the idea of BetterHash when he saw the need for a user friendly mining interface that would make mining accessible even for the most inexperienced.