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Profit Switching Option Added


The long awaited moment has come. We just added profit switching to BetterHash. You can now sit back, relax and let BetterHash make sure you are always mining the most profitable coin for you.

The latest version, that's been automatically sent to your mining PCs, will display the Profit Switching option in Settings / Profit Switching.

Things to know:

1. The automatic update to version 3.128 will not stop your mining operations. Profit Switching can only be activated manually, by yourself, if you choose to do so. Mining will not be interrupted after the introduction of this feature. Moreover, if you prefer to mine a certain currency, even if it's not the most profitable one, you still have the option to manually select algorithms.

2. Before being able to enable the Profit Switching option, all your miners must be benchmarked. This is a one-time operation, just to make sure all drivers are correctly installed and your miners are able to run.

3. BetterHash receives the profit switching info from the server, so it will not automatically start doing benchmarks periodically. The Profit Switching option provides a continuous flow of mining, so it will not stop your regular activity when checking what is more profitable. Detailed information on this will be provided in a log file available on the Profit Switching tab in BetterHash.


We will only switch from one algorithm to another if there's a considerable profit difference between the two of them. Doing otherwise might lead to loss instead of profit, so if you do not see any algorithm change for an increased period of time, that does not mean that the Profit Switching is not working properly. Profit Switching is a very well calculated feature that performs in your profit's interest.

The Profit Switching Tab

About the Author

Daniel Statescu is the CEO of Innovative Solutions, the company that created BetterHash. Cryptocurrency enthusiast and code geek, he came up with the idea of BetterHash when he saw the need for a user friendly mining interface that would make mining accessible even for the most inexperienced.