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We have added ZCoin Miner


Last week we added ZCoin(XZC) miner for NVidia GPU cards. The ZCoin miner uses the MTP Protocol. It is designed to work best with less powerful cards, so you don't need to mine with the latest model in order to make a profit, and in fact it would not be profitable to do so.

In order to mine XZC, you must have unlimited network traffic. The miner has a very stable connection, however it is a miner that generates a lot of Internet traffic.

We recommend using Profit Switching instead of manually shifting to ZCoin. XZC may be currently profitable, but the crypto world is constantly changing, so it is best to let BetterHash make sure you are always mining what is best for you.

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Ane Mari Tache is a customer representative of Innovative Solutions, the company that created BetterHash. She is one of the people who are in constant contact with BetterHash's users, assisting them when they need, answering their questions and helping them with any issues they might have.