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Ethereum Classic Double Spend Attack


As most of you may have already found out, over the last week the Ethereum Classic Network has suffered two double spend attacks. One was of approximately 3000 blocks and the second one of about 4000. As a safety precaution, as soon as we heard about this, we decided to pause all ETC transactions and remove all our profit switching users from Ethereum Classic, waiting for an official statement from the ETC Team. Moreover, most of the exchanges, including the ones we work with have halted all deposits and withdrawals to ETC, meaning we couldn't even exchange to BTC if we wanted to.

The ETC team has decided not to rollback any transactions, so all the blocks mined by honest miners were taken over by the attackers. This is why, as some of you have pointed out, the last Ethereum Classic payment was much lower than a usual payment would have been.

As such, all of you who ran on profit switching have been switched to Ethereum, in order to cut losses. We advise our users who operate manually to switch to a different coin as well, because of the unstable situation of Ethereum Classic mining. We cannot tell if ETC will have a comeback, so precaution is the key.

As for the lost shares, unfortunately it was out of our hands. The pools we work with were unable to recover the lost hours of mining, therefore the payments were missing a huge chunk of shares. We are very sorry, but there was really nothing we could do about it.

If you are, like us, frustrated with the way how the ETC devs have handled the situation you can get in touch with them on their discord server at

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Ane Mari Tache is a customer representative of Innovative Solutions, the company that created BetterHash. She is one of the people who are in constant contact with BetterHash's users, assisting them when they need, answering their questions and helping them with any issues they might have.