Profit Switching Questions

Why is there a complete benchmark needed before enabling profit switching?

BetterHash needs to know which GPUs are working. It has to test each one of them and make sure it can read and monitor the hashing rate.

Server Recommended Profit Switching (default option)

In this scenario, the hashing speeds obtained during the benchmark are not used to determine which coin should a GPU mine. The benchmark results are only used to know if a GPU can mine or not.

The server will decide based on your GPU manufacturer, name and amount of RAM what coin should be mined. This is the default option, and the one recommended for most of you.

Local Results Profit Switching

In this scenario the hashing speeds obtained during benchmark are the ones relevant for profit switching. BetterHash will consider that your rig is able to mine with the same speed that was reached during the benchmark. All profit switching decisions will be taken by BetterHash locally without asking the server.

The values BetterHash relies on are the ones saved in the registry during benchmark here:


This scenario is suited for users that get a real hashing speed that's higher or lower than the estimated averages for a GPU.

How often should I run a benchmark?

Benchmarks take a lot of time because all GPUs are tested on all mined coins. Maybe once a month and each time you changed your rig's configuration.