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Ethereum Classic Payments


There is a lot of uncertainty about Ethereum Classic mining these days. After the network has suffered three double spend attacks, payments have changed and our users have been affected by that.

We have detailed the first two attacks here.

The main reason payments have changed is the fact that the confirmations number needed for a single payment is currently at 80 000 blocks, which roughly translates to 14 days. All payments that you receive are for the shares mined 14 days before the payment is made.

Last Friday was 14 days after the last attack took place. Since the mined blocks were taken over by the attacker, we only received some crumbs. This resulted in much lower than expected payments towards our users.

Since this is no one's fault, we believe you shouldn't have to suffer the consequences. We took it upon ourselves to compensate you for the loss and have sent an extra payment that covers what the attackers stole.

However, we cannot stress enough that all of you should switch to a different coin. All future payments will still be delayed by 14 days and more attacks may take place that will result in you taking a loss.

Thank you all again for trusting us.

BetterHash Team

About the Author

Ane Mari Tache is a customer representative of Innovative Solutions, the company that created BetterHash. She is one of the people who are in constant contact with BetterHash's users, assisting them when they need, answering their questions and helping them with any issues they might have.